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Swedish Massage

This is a therapeutic massage aimed to bring balance to the body and mind. Gentle techniques include long, soothing strokes and kneading of the muscles. This form of massage creates pure relaxation, resulting in a calm and peaceful state.

A gentle massage technique called ‘lymphatic drainage’, greatly improves the circulation of blood and lymph. It works as a detox aiding the general health of the tissues and enhancing the removal of waste products. A slightly deeper massage involves varying degrees of pressure and stretching movements. This helps to ease stiff joints and reduce muscular tension.

Swedish massage stimulates the production of endorphins. These chemicals, often referred to as ‘happy hormones’, result in a feeling of well being and function as a natural pain killer. Regular massage helps to reduce physical and emotional tension. It helps to restore vitality and promotes health and wellbeing.

Our sense of touch is registered by our skin – our largest and most sensitive organ. In the developing embryo the skin is formed from the same cell layer as the nervous system. As such, our skin is said to be the external part of our nervous system. Just like our nervous system it is able to receive and register a wide variety of signals, and to make a wide range of responses to them.

In today’s society it is very easy to get caught up in striving, accomplishing and wanting or needing to do more. During this state of mind it is easy to become very head orientated and out of touch with our bodies. In being so, our sense of reality is dramatically compromised, because it is through our body that we receive sensory messages that indicate what we need, what we feel emotionally and what is happening in the immediate environment. This is vital information that we use for self regulation.

Deep Tissue Massage

Massage can help restore our awareness, balance and health. Whilst ideas and concepts are a large part of our reality, the information that our whole body provides offers a much greater sense of our selves. In the words of Fitz Pearls, the founder of Gestalt Psychotherapy, “lose your head, and come to your senses”.

Massage helps the flow of blood and lymph in our bodies. It can also decrease our blood pressure and heart rate, sooth our nerves and decrease tension, producing relaxation and a state of wellbeing. Massage may aid the production of endorphins (meaning ‘morphine within’), the brain chemicals that function as natural pain killers. One of these, enkephalin, has the ability to reduce pain and produce a sense of euphoria.

During massage a range of different strokes are used. For Swedish massage these fall into two main groups: light gliding strokes and medium depth strokes.

Long, light gliding and feathering strokes are used at the beginning and at the end of a massage. The gliding strokes vary from light to firm, but are always done slowly and with the whole of the hand flowing and moulding over the body. This is a therapeutic stroke aimed to bring balance to the body and mind. It creates pure relaxation, resulting in a soothing, almost meditative, state.

The application of pressure and movement encourages the blood and oxygen to circulate properly. Muscle tension and spasms are alleviated, discomfort is relieved and healing is promoted.

Massage has a positive impact on the whole person both physically and emotionally. Many illnesses result from stress and strain in daily life. Massage is particularly effective as a means of calming and soothing tension and bringing about a sense of peace and balance.

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils from plants to aid health and appearance. Each oil has its own unique healing properties and fragrance. Some aromatherapy oils are soothing and relaxing, others are stimulating and invigorating. Several oils can be used in combination to react and promote healing on different levels – physical, mental and emotional.

During massage, oils are distributed over the body and warmed, allowing maximum absorption through the skin. Aromatic molecules diffuse into the air and enter the nostrils where they make contact with nerve receptors. Throughout the massage t a reaction occurs which results in brain activity. This phenomenon has been observed through scans and other imaging techniques.

Aromatherapy massage is a highly successful therapy for any stress related condition, and has the added bonus of boosting the bodies natural immunity and resources to help combat everyday ailments.

A range of specially blended aromatherapy products are available upon request.

What my Client's say about me

  • From the moment you walk into the room you feel the warmth of Sarah’s personality. She is very good at assessing how to help you and does it with gentle steps. She has been an enormous help and encouragement to me as we have worked together on my phobia and OCD. I recommend her very highly indeed.

  • Over the years, in our sessions there were many tears, laughter and so many aha moments, where I had gradually began to see the light again, my wounded heart could open a little more and my mind could turn that corner, to see things a little differently.

  • Sarah helped me to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. I still see her from time to time for anxiety. 
    I am still a none smoker!

  • I came to Sarah for CBT. I’d been signed off from work and had some serious stress issues. Sarah listened and helped me to make sense of the confusion I was feeling. She also taught me ways to help myself. I feel strong and in control now.

  • I was unimaginably fortunate to have met Sarah after I had lost my mother to cancer. I was in excrutiating emotional pain. Swaying daily between anxiety, depression guilt, deep despair and insomnia. I really couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, my world as I had known it had collapsed. On reflection I remember that I had almost crawled into Sarah’s room seeking some relief from my pain

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All enquiries will be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and no personal information will be used by, or passed on to any other party without prior written consent.

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