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I am a member of the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) and I follow the ISMA code of practice. My aim is simple, to prevent stress, to reduce it and to manage it by providing expert knowledge and practice with which to achieve and maintain high standards.

Managing stress and the effects of stress is one of the greatest challenges in the modern workplace. Relaxed, happy and confident employees are more effective, motivated and reliable.

The problem is that life is simply more challenging than ever before. Technology has accelerated the modern workplaces – enhancing productivity and raising expectations but also creating new pressures, distractions and stresses – which need to be managed.

I provide on-site health care for businesses seeking to reduce the causes and symptoms of stress. I offer a wide range of onsite health care interventions tailored to meet individual needs and corporate goals.

Interventions Available

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
HypnotherapyNeuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Results include:

Increased productivity
Enhanced communication
Improved communication
Reduced staff turnover
Alignment of personal and professional goals
Happy relaxed employees

In my experience, extra care and support is met with enthusiasm. As a way of introducing this idea, I am offering a day of taster sessions. You will be able to try any of the treatments, all of which will be at a reduced rate. If this is something you feel you or your staff would appreciate and benefit from please contact me on 07930 137543.

For a focused, contented and productive workforce visit

What my Client's say about me

  • From the moment you walk into the room you feel the warmth of Sarah’s personality. She is very good at assessing how to help you and does it with gentle steps. She has been an enormous help and encouragement to me as we have worked together on my phobia and OCD. I recommend her very highly indeed.

  • Over the years, in our sessions there were many tears, laughter and so many aha moments, where I had gradually began to see the light again, my wounded heart could open a little more and my mind could turn that corner, to see things a little differently.

  • Sarah helped me to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. I still see her from time to time for anxiety. 
    I am still a none smoker!

  • I came to Sarah for CBT. I’d been signed off from work and had some serious stress issues. Sarah listened and helped me to make sense of the confusion I was feeling. She also taught me ways to help myself. I feel strong and in control now.

  • I was unimaginably fortunate to have met Sarah after I had lost my mother to cancer. I was in excrutiating emotional pain. Swaying daily between anxiety, depression guilt, deep despair and insomnia. I really couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, my world as I had known it had collapsed. On reflection I remember that I had almost crawled into Sarah’s room seeking some relief from my pain

Let's chat...

I will make every endeavour to respond to your e-mails and/or phone messages as quickly as possible. In the interests of Health and Safety, I will not be able to answer general health related questions without having first completed a full consultation form.

All enquiries will be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and no personal information will be used by, or passed on to any other party without prior written consent.

Shalmsford Street, Canterbury, Kent, CT4 7RD

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