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  • Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) asserts that if one person can do something well, it is possible for another to learn it. It teaches you how to model successful performance, giving you the opportunity to reach your desired goals. NLP uses a number of techniques to develop the awareness you have of yourself, others and the world. An increase in awareness can increase the range of ways in which you think, feel and behave. In simply having more choices many issues can be effectively overcome.

NLP explores how we come to know ourselves, the world and the people in the world. It explains how we do what we do and how we create our own reality. NLP uses tools and techniques which help us to see, hear and feel more of the world, to understand ourselves and others more clearly.

The name ‘Neuro-Linguistic Programming’ comes from the three areas it brings together. Neurology – the mind, how we think and organise our mental life, Linguistic – how we use language and the effects it has on us, Programming – how we construct our actions to achieve our goals. NLP connects our thoughts, our speech, our language and us to others.

There are four main principles of NLP which are used to bring about self development, choice and change.

The first, ‘rapport’, comprises of mutual trust and responsiveness. It can be applied to the relationship that we have with our selves and with others. The quality of rapport we have with ourselves is often a mirror of what we achieve with others.

The second principle is, ‘knowing what we want’. In order to understand what success is we need to know what it is that we want. This is known as setting your ‘goal of outcome’. We learn to consistently ask our selves what we want and to ask others what they want.

The third principle is called ‘sensory acuity’. This means using our senses. To really look, listen and feel what is happening. This gives us valuable information, helps us to know if we are on the right course to our goals and whether any changes need to be made.

The fourth principle is ‘behaviour flexibility’. We have many choices of action. The more choices we have the more chance of success. It is important to keep changing what we do until we get what we want. This sounds simple, even obvious, yet we often do exactly the opposite.

As well as working with the four principles, NLP sessions offer a wide range of effective tools and valuable insights, all designed to increase our understanding of ourselves, what it is that we want, and how to achieve our goals. Techniques are used in sport, business, training, sales, law and education. NLP is more then a collection of tools. 

NLP is a way of thinking, a frame of mind, a way of being.

What my Client's say about me

  • From the moment you walk into the room you feel the warmth of Sarah’s personality. She is very good at assessing how to help you and does it with gentle steps. She has been an enormous help and encouragement to me as we have worked together on my phobia and OCD. I recommend her very highly indeed.

  • Over the years, in our sessions there were many tears, laughter and so many aha moments, where I had gradually began to see the light again, my wounded heart could open a little more and my mind could turn that corner, to see things a little differently.

  • Sarah helped me to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. I still see her from time to time for anxiety. 
    I am still a none smoker!

  • I came to Sarah for CBT. I’d been signed off from work and had some serious stress issues. Sarah listened and helped me to make sense of the confusion I was feeling. She also taught me ways to help myself. I feel strong and in control now.

  • I was unimaginably fortunate to have met Sarah after I had lost my mother to cancer. I was in excrutiating emotional pain. Swaying daily between anxiety, depression guilt, deep despair and insomnia. I really couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, my world as I had known it had collapsed. On reflection I remember that I had almost crawled into Sarah’s room seeking some relief from my pain

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All enquiries will be treated with the highest levels of confidentiality and no personal information will be used by, or passed on to any other party without prior written consent.

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